The RDS Technology Company specializes in development of modular prefabrication plants (SKID), which meet the highest requirements and industry standards. Only modern materials and the latest advances in science and technology are applied during production.

Our installations are delivered in a fully assembled and finished state. It is only needed to install them on the prepared foundation at the site and connect the communication.
Prior to delivery, all of our installations are subject to the technical control on performance and compliance with the original requirements at all stages of production. If the deviations in technical parameters have been identified, the installation is removed from the production line. If such cases, a thorough analysis of the production process is conducted in order to identify the “weak” points.

We highly appreciate the trust of our Customers and try to meet all your expectations.

What is SKID?

A SKID mount is a popular method of distributing and storing machinery for the military and industry. Simply put, the machinery at point of manufacture is permanently mounted in a frame or onto rails or a metal Pallet. The equipment can then be easily and securely transported and used as a unit. A unit such as a fire-fighting SKID unit may also be temporarily placed onto a vehicle to equip it for a task.

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